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Sometimes what we need to move forward is clarity. Maybe you aren’t sure how to get started, how to transition out of your current job into entrepreneurship or maybe you don’t know where to go next or what’s going wrong in your culinary business. If that’s you, let’s chat. Just like when we go to the doctor’s office or take our car to the mechanic, we need the diagnostic mind of someone who specializes in that area of expertise to prescribe a solution. Apply for and Schedule your Appointment here.


It’s time to monetize your skills outside of the kitchen. The Chef’s Table Experience is a High Level Mastermind for established Culinary Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand and grow their business with additional and unconventional revenue streams. Membership into the the Chef’s Table Experience is via application and interview only. Apply here.

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Building your Chef Brand? Check out the Series Specifically for Women Chefprenuers.

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