It’s time to create a strategic self-care plan for your life AND for your business.


Self-Care Saturdays are for AMATEURS.

You’ve done #SelfCareSaturdays, taken bubble baths until your fingers were wrinkled and your candle collection is at an all-time high.  You’ve tried all of the cookie-cutter morning routines on Pinterest, and you have a standing mani-pedi appointment every 2 weeks.

Yet, you still feel overwhelmed and exhausted. That’s because traditional self-care doesn’t work. Its effects are fleeting and the results are temporary.

Let’s face it, you’ve been searching for something more substantial than “Put Yourself First” inspirational quotes on Instagram.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Self-Care Isn’t an event. It’s a Lifestyle. You need a self-care strategy. A detailed, personalized, and customized plan for how you will care for yourself and for your business for the year ahead.

The Chef-Care Superclass is NOT a webinar. It’s NOT a masterclass. It’s NOT a course. The Chef-Care SuperClass is a four-day intensive workshop experience where you will leave with a strategy on how to elevate your self-care, grow your business, and hit your personal and professional goals THIS year. 


Stragtice plans of action do.


Let me guess, right now your phone is filled to capacity with screenshots of inspirational quotes?

Your laptop hard drive is full of free guides, ebooks and pdf’s that you’ve downloaded from the internet?

And you probably follow all of the popular business advice Instagram accounts.?

You’ve watched so many videos on youtube,  looking for the ‘answer’, it might as well be a part-time job?

You may even have dollar signs and dollar bills on your vision board, am I right?

And yet none of it is working, is it?

That’s because a goal without a plan is just a wish. And wishes don’t come true if you don’t put in the work.


What’s included in the 4-Day Intensive?


Day #1: The Self-Care SOLUTION

On day one you will:
  • Set your intention for the year ahead both in your personal life and in your business.
  • Uncover the obstacles that have been getting in the way of you living the life you truly desire, so that you can get on the path to overcoming them.
  • Learn the 12-Step Self-Care Solution formula so that you can forever accomplish your goals with ease. 

Day#2: Self-Care for Your LIFE

On day two you will:
  • Set your new, elevated, standards of self-care in the 9 personal care pillars.
  • Learn how to be the CEO of your life, so that you aren’t spending more time working than living.
  • Create the blueprint for the life you have always wanted, so that you can build it step by step. 

Day #3: Self-Care for your BUSINESS

On day three you will:
  • Examine where you are in business and the steps you need to get to the next level so that you can use your time wisely and not continue to jump from idea to idea.
  • Learn how to be the CEO of your business, so that you can earn more while working less.
  • Strategize a plan for hitting your revenue goals for the year. 

Day #4: Your Self-Care STRATEGY

On day four you will:
  • Integrate your personal self-care plan and business self-care plan into a sustainable strategy, so that you can THRIVE instead of just survive.
  • Learn the next steps to execute your new plan with ease, so that hitting your goals is fun and full of excitement and doesn’t feel like a  another chore.

Hi, I’m Chef Evelyn.

And I’m on a mission to show women how to LIVE, COOK, and WORK on their own terms.

I created this superclass because I saw so many of my fellow women chefpreneurs spending all of their time trying to build a business so that they could have a certain lifestyle, but never actually LIVING the life that they were building.

I saw too many women overworking and underearning.

I saw too many women put the life they know and love on the back burner in the name of “building their business”.

Listen, I’m not into #hustling or #grinding. I’m not about low prices or working for free. I’m not into working every weekend and being exhausted during the holidays.

I’m into ease, enjoyment, luxury and building High-End Culinary Brands that charges premium prices.

This superclass is for you, if you’re ready to get back to the level of living that you are accustomed to, while enjoying the journey of chefpreneurship.



Who is the Superclass for?

This superclass is ideal for women who have been in business for at least 1-2 years and who are ready to do business more strategically.

This is also ideal for the woman chefprenuer who has been experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion & burnout who is ready to get her personal life OFF of the back burner.

This is for the woman who is done with trying to grow her business off of free information, who desires a coach and a guided experience.

This is for the woman is who ready NOW, and not willing to wait another year.

When & Where is the Chef-Care Superclass?

The Chef-Care Superclass starts on Monday, January 10th, 2022 and concludes on Thursday January 13th. All sessions are live at 6:30 pm CST, with replays available if you can’t make it live. Enrollment ends Sunday January 9th.

The event is virtual and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. All sessions will be held via zoom.

Who is the Superclass NOT for?

This intensive is NOT ideal for the woman is doesn’t already have a culinary business.

This intensive is NOT for the woman who subscribes to the “hustle and grind” lifestyle.

This is NOT for the woman who doesn’t believe in or who doesn’t consistently invest in herself or her business.

This intensive is NOT for someone looking for an annual virtual vision board party or purely social event.

What is the Investment for the Superclass?

The investment for the Chef-Care Superclass is $297.

The experience, clarity, direction, and peace of mind that you will gain from the strategies are PRICELESS.

The more important question is how much will it cost you (in your life & your business) if you don’t have a step0by-step strategic plan in place? Only you can determine the answer to that question.

You’ve already been thinking that NOW is the time for you to structure your life and your business in such a way, where you don’t have to be exhausted to be effective and profitable.

You’ve been doing this long enough to realize that hustling and grinding are not sustainable. You’ve also learned that that mindset and way of working can actually be a hindrance to your quality of life and to your business growth.


Here’s what you will accomplish in our time together.

The Self-Care Solution

By the end of our first session you will have mastered the step by step formula for accomplishing any goal in your life or business, so that you no longer have to hope on a wing and a prayer.

You will also create a master plan to eliminate or overcome any obstacles that have been previously getting in the way of you getting what you truly desire.

Say goodbye to stress.

Self-Care for Your Personal Life

By the end of day two, you will be laser-focused on the most important aspects of your self-care for the year ahead.

You will know exactly what to focus on and how you will elevate your level of self-care in your personal life.

You will have created a customized self-care plan around your personal life.

Say goodbye to exhaustion and overwhelm.

Self-Care for Your Business

By the end of day 3 you will have created a comprehensive plan on how to reach your income goals so that you don’t have to spend your days spinning your wheels and staring at your computer wondering what to do to grow your business.

You will also analyze what stage you are at in business so that you can take direct steps to get to the next level.

Say goodbye to overworking and underearning.

Your #ChefCare Strategy

At the end of day 4, you will integrate your personal and business self-care plans in a way that allows you to Live, Cook, and Work on your own terms. This comprehensive plan will rival and outshine even the most elaborate vision board.

Having this plan will keep you on track and focused throughout the entire year so that you can make progress on your goals.

Say HELLO to ease, enjoyment, increased income, and sustainable self-care.


Here’s Your Alternative


You can go and create yet, another vision board, but look at the last few you’ve made. How’s that working for you?

You can set new year resolutions, again. And then be frustrated by the time March rolls around, that you didn’t stick to any of them.

You can even go and purchase another pretty journal and planner, only use part of it, then start another. And then you’ll look back a year from now on the things that you still haven’t made progress on.

OR.. you can INVEST in your goals so that you can see a RETURN and be proud of the progress that you’ve made in your personal and professional life by the end of the year.

The choice is yours.

You’ve heard it before, “A Year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.” 

So, I’m inviting you to take a moment for yourself and register for this intensive by clicking the link below. 

I’ll see you on the inside. Let’s do this!

The Chef-Care Superclass is $297

Answer these questions, “What will happen if I keep going at this rate?” “What will happen if I keep doing the same things that I’ve been doing?” Play the movie to the end. What areas of your life are suffocating and being sacrificed by you not taking care of yourself? Be honest.

Now visualize what it would look like to be relaxed while increasing your revenue? How does it feel?

The truth is that self-care is an INVESTMENT, not an expense. Self-care is proactive, not reactive. Don’t wait until your life or business is in crisis before you invest in a sustainable solution. 

The Chef-Care Superclass is $297